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Building Intelligence for the Future



HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, Access Controls, Energy Management Systems, IP Cameras, Energy Analytics, Automation Database hosting and Building Automation Systems Integration. We  specializes in making your building a "Smart Building”, giving it the ability to autonomously operate at an optimal energy efficient level, saving you time, money and energy.



Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your equipment is beginning to fail? Or if your equipment is consuming more energy than necessary? We have solution’s that can automatically pinpoint inefficient energy areas within your building. Analytics can then provide your staff with the proactive information to maintain, service and replace parts as necessary.



Systems Integration is what we specializes in, bringing multiple discrete systems together, controlled and maintained from one platform. Whether it’s integrating lighting controls, access controls, IP Cameras, projectors, window shades, mechanical systems, water treatment, irrigation, or electrical demand, we can bring it all together as one integrated system.

Advanced Automation Systems, Inc.

Building Intelligence for the Future Through Automation Technology and Energy Conservation!

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